Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brunch with Frankie Marcello's

     Wow, what an incredible way to start this Eat 225 adventure! My first stop in the quest to find the best eats in Baton Rouge took me to an old friend of the Baton Rouge food industry, but a new restaurant: Frankie Marcello’s. With the grand opening in March of this year, Frankie’s has made a quick name for itself serving Italian, Creole, and Seafood varieties.
2 Honey Butter Biscuits
Today, I decided to stop in for something a little bit different: Brunch.  Frankie’s serves brunch on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Walking in around 11 a.m. to a warm smile and energetic greeting from the hostess, my eyes were immediately drawn to the old-fashioned feel of the restaurant.  We were promptly seated in one of their booths, and I could immediately tell we were in for some delicious home cooking.  The service was extremely helpful and quick-paced, aiding with our selection on the menu and telling us about all of Frankie's other specialties throughout each week. I never once had an issue with our server. While deciding what I wanted to order, I was stuck between two of the choices. The Shrimp and Tasso grits (topped with a fried egg, mushrooms, and sriracha sauce) seemed to be too good to pass up, but my stomach was craving something a little bit different: Steak Benedict marchand du vin. With an order of delicious, homemade honey-butter biscuits on the side, this brunch was almost too much to ask for. In fact, my only complaint of the entire meal was that I had too much food! The breakfast potatoes and the grits were really good, but the winner of the morning was the main part of the dish. Two filet steak medallions were cooked to a perfect medium rare and served on top of two english muffin halves. Stacked on top of those were two brilliant poached eggs, with a marchand sauce that brought it all together. At $13.95 for the Steak Marchand, $1.50 for the biscuits, this will be a dish that I can truly come back to every Sunday.
Steak Marchand du vin
Frankie’s has other specials throughout the week that I cannot wait to try, either. On Tuesday and Saturday nights, they have their Steak night. A great deal on an 8oz. filet mignon or a 12oz ribeye served with garlic potatoes, a house salad, and garlic bread. Tuesday is what they call “Bello Vino Notte.” A night that will surely save the wallet: half-priced bottles of wine.
I was very impressed with everything that Frankie’s had to offer for Brunch, and I surely cannot wait to try some of their other specials and their regular menu.  

For a full look at their menu, click Frankie's Menu
Frankie Marcello’s
7520 Perkins Road, Ste 100
Baton Rouge, LA, 70808

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Happy Eating, Baton Rouge!
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