Monday, July 29, 2013

Christina's Downtown

Pre-Meal Cornbread
Roast Beef and French Fries
Nothing quite says downtown lunch like Christina's. A local hot spot that all the business men and women of downtown love to eat, Christina's serves the area a great priced, home-made breakfast and lunch. Located on what seems like its own island, Christina's faxes out its list of daily specials to its contact list each morning, along with writing them on the boards posted inside the restaurant. Dine-in or take-out, this establishment is an absolute treat. Today, a few of my buddies and I decided to make the stop, and boy did we get our money's worth. As we waited on our meals, our waitress delivered complimentary corn bread rectangles that could not have been a more perfect appetizer for the four of us. It was honestly some of the best corn bread I have had in a long time. Chicken Parmesan served on top of Angel Hair Pasta, Beef Tips served on top of rice, and Fried pork chops were the choices for my three friends. Each of those came with either 2 or 3 sides (depending on the order) for just under $12 each. As you will find out if you continue checking in with me on my adventures through the restaurant world of Baton Rouge, I am a huge fan of homemade roast beef. I decided to have a cup of the chicken and sausage gumbo, and the roast beef po-boy served with french fries. The gumbo was delicious. Being in the south, if you serve gumbo, it better be good, and Christina's gumbo surely did not disappoint. The roast beef po-boy, however, was incredible. Words could not describe my excitement when the waitress dropped the debris-style roast beef in front of me. Every bite I took seemed to taste just a little bit better than the last, and I was sad to see the last bite go. I would easily rank Christina's roast beef as one of the best roast beef po-boys in Baton Rouge, if not the best. Normally, when I stop at Christina's, I look for some of their fried chicken (which I also happen to think is some of the best fried chicken in Baton Rouge, but you will have to find that out for yourself! Just call ahead and make sure they are serving it that day.) I know not everyone in Baton Rouge can get to downtown so easily, but if you find yourself in the area, I would suggest considering Christina's as your lunch stop for the day. Everything on the menu is a delicious meal just the way your mother would cook it, and you can get it for a great price too. From everything I have heard, their breakfast might even be better than their lunch, and that says a whole lot! I surely need to go give their breakfast a shot, and I can not wait to do it!

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320 St. Charles Street, Baton Rouge, LA, 70802

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