Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TGIT @ Rock-n-Sake

     Growing up, I was hardly a fan of sushi. But something magical happened four or five years ago, and ever since then, I have been addicted. Sushi typically offers a light on your stomach meal that seemingly always has you craving your next stop for sushi. My most recent stop took me to a town favorite, located on Perkins Road by the overpass—Rock-n-Sake. Baton Rouge isn’t short on sushi places, but you will find Rock-n-Sake near the top of just about everyone’s list. I remember the first time I came to Baton Rouge and asked for sushi, the place I was pointed to? You guessed it—Rock-n-Sake.
     The restaurant provides a great atmosphere for both Lunch and Dinner. Walking in, you will find yourself split between the bar to your right, and the restaurant on your left. I always find it hard to pass up on the bar, even when I know I am just coming to dinner. A very fun atmosphere for everyone involved. In the restaurant, they have four different seating locations. You can sit in the main dining area, you can sit in the bar area, there is an upstairs (which is a fun, different experience that I recommend if you have never sat up there before), and you can sit at the sushi bar to watch their chefs hand roll your sushi according to your order.

Snow Crab Salad
Salmon Zest Roll
Last night I went in specifically to try their Volcano Roll, which I have never had before. Each month Rock-n-Sake has a different “Roll of the Month” which they offer for five dollars on Tuesdays. This is a great deal, and a great way to try rolls which you might stray away from if you previously considered them too pricey. They call the night “TGIT” and it is a really, really good deal for anyone with a craving for sushi. I started my meal off with a Snow Crab salad for an appetizer which was absolutely lights out. The salad is delivered in a deep “U” shaped bowl with a sphere of creamy, delicious snow crab topped with three slices of avocado and an asparagus. I could have been happy eating that and half a roll for dinner, but I powered forward. We ordered two rolls: the Volcano roll, and last months special—the Salmon Zest roll.
     The Salmon Zest roll comprised of fresh salmon and snow crab rolled together in a soybean roll topped with more salmon and grated lemon zest on top. The roll was absolutely delicious, although I found myself pushing a little of the zest off so I could taste more of the salmon and snow crab.
Volcano Roll
     Next was the Volcano roll, which blew my mind. It was crabstick and cucumber; wrapped in avocado; topped with spicy baked salmon and snow crab, eel sauce, spicy mayo, smelt roe, and green onions. The roll was so good that I am about to go get it again as I am writing this review! Overall I was very satisfied with my meal last night, proving once again why Rock-n-Sake is one of, if not the favorite sushi restaurant of the masses in Baton Rouge. I would strongly recommend visiting these guys soon, everything on the menu is fantastic.

For a full look at their menu, Click Here!
3043 Perkins Rd, Suite A
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Happy Eating, Baton Rouge!
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